Miguel Vasques / Michael Wachsmann
Born in Portugal - LISBON, 24th July, 1941, German parents.
Resident in Hottenbach, Germany.

Architecture and Painting at the College of Fine Arts in Lisbon and Berlin, and in the Oskar Kokoschka Academie, at Salzburg (1957-60).
Grant allocated by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (1988).

Joined as an activist the Pacifist Hippy Movement and subsequently followed Yoga, Meditation and Macrobiotics studies.

Performed his works in Portugal (Lisbon, Cascais, Guincho, Azores, Sintra, Óbidos, Algarve, Caramulo), Guiné-Bissau, Canada (Montreal, 1967), USA (New York Newark, Provincetown, New Mexico 1968/71) Spain (Almuñecar, 1977/80), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Switzerland (Wald, 1988/90), Germany (Munique, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Mainz, Herrstein). Presently works in Idar-Oberstein (where studio is based since 2000).


1963 - 64 - 2nd Prize, Bronze and Silver medals and Special Distinction, in National Exhibitions hosted by the JTCS, Estoril, (Portugal)

1964 - Prize Monotipia, at the Contest hosted by the Cercle d'Art International Arti-Salla, Paris (France)

1966 -
Autumn Exhibition 2nd Prize (gouache) - JTCS, Estoril, Portugal

1986 - Prize Acquisition of a painting, hosted by the Centro de Arte Moderna of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

1988 - Prize Acquisition
of a 2nd painting, hosted by the Centro de Arte Moderna of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes of Lisbon (Associated member, since 1962)
Peace Movement, Idar-Oberstein
(artistic cooperation, 1975-81)
Amnesty International, Wiesbaden
(artistic cooperation and donation of one painting)
BBK - Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler, of Germany.
(former registered Member)
Mainz - Exhibition "50 years after GUERNICA"
(artistic cooperation, 1986-87)
ANAP - Associação Nacional dos Artistas Plásticos | AIAP-UNESCO,
Porto, Portugal, Correspondent Member, for Germany and North Western Europe (guest, between 1998 - 2000)
ARTE VIVA - Portuguese Art and Culture,
Hannover (introduction of portuguese artist Mário Silva (2000)
Member from Galeria CNAP - Clube Nacional de Arte
(Lisbon, Portugal, 2004)
Artistically represented in several Galleries and Museums - Portuguese State Collection, Modern Arts Centre of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - and in art centres and private collections in several countries.
1975 - 81 Participation in the Peace Movement, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Amnesty International,
Wiesbaden, Germany
1981 - 83 Projects completed on request by the Cantina Eucalipto, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1984 - 85 Organisation and installation of the Festival of Portuguese Performance, at Gallery Makkom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, cooperation with German Environmental Groups - Herrstein, Germany
1986 - 87 Cooperation in the exhibition "50 years after GUERNICA", in Mainz,
"Aussländischer Künstlern" Exhibition, Mainz
Report Research (cooperation for television)
"Ihre Heimat unser Heimat", for Germany in Portugal
1997 - 00 Projects of Colorwaves group:
at the Pavilion
International Fair , in Tokyo, Japan
at the
Expo 2000 Pavilion, Hannover, Germany
2000 - 04

Study trips for research and investigation for the economic-cultural exchange, between Germany and Angola and North Africa, Sahara, Morocco


Cooperation (Portuguese version of original arts review of German texts), for the Book-Album "GAMBOA|cântico à vida" edition Monastery of S. José - City Council of Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal


• Artistic professional orientation of students (private tuition)
Teaching professor at the Arts courses of the Newark     Museum,    Arts Coordination Council
(1970), Newark, United    States of America
and at the Secondary School - visual arts (1988/90), at
   Mira-Sintra, Portugal.

Several professional and inter-disciplinary projects:

Project study for a Sanatorium in Wald, Switzerland (architectural    cooperation 1988-90)
Illustration of a book for the firm Bio-engineering, Wald,    Switzerland
Cooperation with the Gallery Kreissprung- Herrstein, for the    coordination    of Art, Jewels and Precious Stones     Exhibitions (1990-99) in Herrstein,    Hannover, Amsterdam,    Oporto, Lisbon and Frankfurt

"DICTIONARY of Portuguese Painting", Fernando Pamplona, Lisbon
"Revista de Cultura e Turismo COSTA DO SOL", n.º XXI, April, Cascais, Portugal.
"Wachsmann | Michael Wachsmann" Monography
(unpublished), José-Luis Ferreira, 2006

( published and unpublished):

Mestre Artur BUAL / Quirino Teixeira / Nelson Di Maggio / António Valdemar / Architect Carlos Lança
Professor Architect J.J. Braizinha / Prof. Esc. João Fragoso / Mestre Mário Silva / Mestre Hein Semke / Fernando Pamplona / Mestre António Lino / Pintor Luís Lobato / Arch. Mário de Oliveira / Manuela de Azevedo / Dr. Raul Rego / Mestre M. Cargaleiro / Rodrigues Vaz / Edgardo Xavier / Egídio Álvaro / Dr. Eduíno de Jesus / José Augusto / Dr. José-Luis Ferreira and others

Reviews in the Portuguese Press : Diário Ilustrado, Diário de Notícias, República, Diário Popular, Correio da Manhã and others.
Interviews in Jornal Diário Ilustrado (1963), at RTP(state television) and the paper O Dia (1981-83), Lisbon and the paper Diário do Sul (2004), Elvas, Portugal.
in the paper Zürichsee-Zeitung (1990) and several references in Feuilleton associate of the Wiesbadener Zeitung and in the Wiesbadener Kurier, and others., in Germany.
Report in the paper "
O Povo do Cartaxo" (2004), Ribatejo, Portugal
Galeria das Arcadas JTCS, Estoril, Portugal
Palácio Foz / SNI,
Lisbon, Portugal
House of the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes of Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Alfama,
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Artela,
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Parlatório,
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Nacional de Arte I M.
Pombal, Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Nacional de Arte II,
Beléml, Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Atelier Luís Lobato,
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Paço Romano,
Sintra, Portugal
Galeria O País,
Lisbon, Portugal
1988 - 6th BIENAL DE ARTES PLÁSTICAS | Festa do Avante,
Lisbon, Portugal
IV EXHIBITION ANAP - Inst. Port. Museum M|C - IAC, Museu de Aveiro
Collective & One-man Shows
1956 Exhibitions at the Parque Eduardo VII (beginning of the artistic professional career), Lisbon, Portugal
1961 - 65

Salões dos Novíssimos, Exposição Nacional de Arte - SNI, Palácio Foz, Lisbon, Portugal
Autumn Exhibitions at SNBA,
Lisbon, Portugal
Spring Exhibitions at SNBA,
Lisbon, Portugal
Modern Arts Exhibition at SNBA,
Lisbon, Portugal
Spring Exhibitions at JTCS,
Estoril, Portugal
Autumn Exhibitions at JTCS,
Estoril, Portugal
Galeria Nacional de Arte M. Pombal, (one-man show)
Lisbon, Portugal
Contemporary Artists Exhibitions at JTCS,
Estoril, Portugal
Galeria das Arcadas (one-man show) at JTCS,
Estoril, Portugal
1º - Contest 1964, hosted by the Cercle d'Art International Arti-Salla
(of Amersfoort, NL), in Paris France
Collective exhibitions : Galerie des Jeunes (Drawing),
Paris, France
Maison des Beaux-Arts (Gouache/Monotype),
Paris, France
Expo Medicina/63, pro-Associação da Faculdade de Medicina, University of Lisbon,

1965 - 66 Palácio Foz / SNI, (one-man show) Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Alfama (one-man show)
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria das Arcadas
(together with Jacques Jauniaux) 1966 at JTCS, Estoril, Portugal
Exposição Nacional de Arte,
Évora, Portugal
1967 - 69 Galeria das Arcadas (one-man show) at JTCS, Estoril, Portugal
Galerie Libre -
Montreal, Canada
Newark Museum -
New Jersey, USA
Gallery W/Out Walls -
Buffalo, New York, USA
Gallery Lee Ethel -
Dallas, Texas, USA
Represented at the Gallery Osten Kaschew -The Drawing Shop, New York, USA
1970 -74 Exhibition of original projects (One-man show) TAP Delegation, New York, USA
Art Trade Show,
El Paso, Texas, USA
Holly Cross Retreat,
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Participation in several exhibitions in Galleries and Arts and Craft Fairs in coastal cities of South of Spain
1975 -79 100 Artists of the Portuguese State Collection, Galeria Nacional de Arte, Lisbon, Portugal
Caja Rural de Ahorros,
La Herradura, Granada, Spain
Galeria Portimão,
Algarve, Portugal
Gallery Moering (one-man show), Wiesbaden, Germany
Spring Exhibition,
Wiesbaden, Germany
Autumn Exhibition - Grupo Herrsteiner Kreis,
Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Cantina Eucalipto (One-man show),
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peace Movement Exhibition,
Idar-Oberstein, Germany
1980 -83 Galerie Taube - Berlin, Germany
Gallery Moering (2nd one-man show, guest artist), Wiesbaden, Germany
Galeria O País, (one-man show)
Lisbon, Portugal
1984 -85 Retrospective of projects (one-man show) at the Cantina EUCALIPTO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gallery Makkom - Festival Performance de Arte Portuguesa, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1986 -87 Gallery Moering, Wiesbaden (3rd one-man show), Germany
Galerie Eckstein (one-man show),
Niederwoerresbach, Germany
50 years after GUERNICA (collective exhibition),
Mainz, Germany
Aussländischer Künstler Ausstellung Stadt Mainz,
Mainz, Germany
1988 -89 Galeria Artela (together with Artur Bual, Adelino Ascenso and João Fragoso), Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Parlatório,
Lisbon, Portugal, (one-man show)
VI Bienal Internacional de Artes Plásticas "Avante" (RDA/URSS) - 1989,
Loures and Porto, Portugal
Nineties (until 2005)
1994 Atelier Ursula Fisher (one-man show), Essen, Germany

1995 Galeria Studio Luís Lobato (one-man show), Lisbon, Portugal
1996 Galerie Lisa Daun (one-man show), Mainz, Germany
1997 Galeria Paço Romano (with the sculptor Romeu Costa), Sintra, Portugal
Galerie Renate Demmerle (one-man show),
Mainz, Germany.
H. Pache (one-man show),
Hannover, Germany
Unikat Theede (one-man show),
Hanover, Germany
Galerie Pictor (Representation),
Mainz, Germany.
1998 - 2000 Krieger & Kneist (one-man show), Frankfurt, Germany
Machwerk (one-man show),
Frankfurt, Germany
City Council of Mainz,
Galeria Atelier Luís Lobato,
Lisbon, Portugal
IV Collective Exhibition of ANAP
(1999) - Museu Nacional, Aveiro, Portugal
Undenheim, Germany
2004 - 2005 Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Artists - Arts Gallery of the Sta. Catarina borough, in Lisbon, Portugal
One-man show at the Centro Comercial Colombo (Sonae/Operação Capital)
, Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal